CoD-X – VST Application Period – Trust But Verify CoD-X VSS

I am beginning the application period for our CoD-X VSS: Trust But Verify VST election. Applicants must be current paid members, who are familiar with the game, and if elected, the term of service is one year. At this time, if you are interested in applying for the position, please email me privately with the following information, using the subject

Sabbat – The Dark Redemption July Game Announcement

IC Teaser: A Holy Synod recently occurred in Mexico City, the Prisci Counsel has spoken, changes have occurred. Smash, the former Vicar of the Loyalist Faction was revealed as a Traitor and slain by the Loyalists. Joseph Pander has stepped down from the Prisci Counsel. Bruce de Guy, the former Cardinal of the Southwest, has

Cam/Anarch – Downtimes Due Wednesday July 12

Sending out a friendly reminder that Downtimes Due Wednesday July 12. I will likely be done with all DTs responses no later than Saturday 14th so any additional things can be handled before game. Please Remember you WILL NOT get an email response for your DTs, but they will all be done through your shared document

Garou – Announcements / July Game Rescheduled

Howdy, guys! I’ve got some OoC and IC announcements for ya! Lets start with the OoC: 1.) I NEED AVSTs. I’ve put out a few all-calls at games and over the lists, but I have gotten a very limited reply. In fact, I currently had 1 active aVST, and she serves more in a Narrator

MES – 2019 Event and ST Lead All Call

Hello All, As we gear up for the final event of the 2018 MES Event Calendar, we are also looking forward to next year and opening the All Call for the 2019 Event and ST Leads. This includes: SCRE 2019 Event Lead SCRE 2019 ST Lead GLRE 2019 Event Lead GLRE 2019 ST Lead NERE

CoD-X – June Game Rescheduled

Good morning everyone.  As I announced on Saturday at C/A, with the number of players we have going to MESCON, our game would be down about 1/4 of the usual attendees. As such, I have made the decision to delay the game until the Friday of the 5th weekend (June 29th).  Actual announcement of the

Cam/Anarch – VST Voting Period

VOTING PERIOD UPDATE Zachary Snyder has withdrawn his application from the VST election at this time (apologies, email complications prevented me from receiving his initial notice to me of this). Your VST candidates at this time are now: Chris White Please continue voting as before.  Votes received for Zachary Snyder will be counted as a

MES – US National Storyteller Selection

Hello! Please feel free to forward to Regional/Domain Lists. The selection process for the National Storyteller is beginning.  The below link will give you all the information about this process. National Storyteller Selection Process <> If there are any questions, please feel free to email us at: Thanks — Michael Dyer US2010096665 Director

Cam/Anarch – Still Watchtower VSS game announcement – Saturday 06/16/2018

Please forgive the brief and entirely OOC nature of this game announcement, during the VST election and transition period, as game continues per our domain’s regular schedule: Game Date/Time: Date: Saturday 06/16/2018 Sign-in Begins: 7pm Game Begins: 8pm Game Ends: 12am midnight OOC Location: Don Cassano Community Room 200 E. Fifth Street, 2nd Floor  Tempe,

MES – SW RST Election Voting List, last call!

Hey everyone! I’m poking about the RST election again. So today/tonight is the cut off for people to join the Google list to be able to vote in the election. I can’t stress enough how important it is to join up and vote. It’s also where you can ask questions and read aboutg the applicants.